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ROAD - Roadway Online Application for Design

The calculation and design process of roadway geometry design are often cumbersome and time consuming. This online roadway geometry design tool was developed to assist students conducting the geometric design of roadways on computer screen using a contour map in the background as reference. This software tool will allow students to design the geometry of a roadway more efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, students have the option to visualize the final roadway design in a 3D virtual reality environment.


Assignment #1 - Prelimary Road Design
Assignment #2 - Highway Design
Map #1 - Contour map for assignment #1
Map #2 - Contour map for assignment #2
Map #5 - Sample contour map


Java plug-in is required on your browser.

Evaluation Survey

Student Background Survey
ROAD Evaluation Survey


Online Document
Cosmo VRML Plugin
ROAD VRML Demo, Need VRML Plugin installed on your browser.