3D animation

Use the 3D animation icon to view and animate your road design in 3D.


Finally, use the 3D animation icon   to create 3D view of the road design as shown in Figure 14. Several viewpoints are generated automatically in the 3D road geometry model. Use the view button   in the VRML client application to select different view of a vehicle is driving at design speed. If the animation toolbars does not display automatically, right click on the animation and choose “Preferences”. Check “Show toolbars” in the “Appearance” group under “General” tab. Please refer to Cortona user’s guide for more info on navigation in Cortona.

It might take a few minutes to create 3D models on Mac machine using Safari browser. For Mac users with Safari browser, press “control” key and click on the 3D scene then choose “show toolbars” to display toolbars as shown in Figure 14.



Figure 14 Road design 3D animation in VRML


Note: Some browsers (for example, Mozilla Firfox) will not display the local animation file due to Java security reason. User can manually open the html file on user’s Desktop (for example, C:\Documents and Settings\Your Username\Desktop\) for Windows, or under HD for Mac, and user home directory for Linux system. If Windows desktop directory is not available or not found, it will save the animation files to the default root (C:\) directory.


For IE users, go to Tools -> Internet Options ->Security, Click on “Trusted sites” and add “ to the trusted sites. Uncheck the “Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone. The 3D animation window should pop up automatically by clicking on the 3D animation icon on the vertical curve design screen.


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