Construct curves

Use the curve/circle tool   to locate the curve where two construction lines intersect.


Next, use the curve tool for horizontal curve design by clicking on the  icon fro the toolbar. A window allowing for curve radius input will pop up around the upper right corner of the screen as shown in Figure 4(a).


Figure 4(a) Curve setting input


Figure 4(b) Check minimum curve radius


Enter the desired radius, for example 1110 ft, of the curve before you click on the left mouse over the contour map. A message, as shown in Figure 4(b) will pop up if it does not meet the minimum radius requirement. Click on the left mouse and drag the curve/circle to a relatively close location where the curve will be constructed. Construct two curves as shown in Figure 5. Note: The curve/circle does not need to be placed exactly tangent to the lines. A curve alignment tool will be discussed and used in next section to automatically compute the tangent points and align the curve with the lines.


Note: Use right mouse clicking on a segment (line or curve) to delete.


Figure Figure 5 Construct horizontal curves/circles


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