Construct vertical curves

Use the grade construction tool to design vertical curve construction lines.


Figure 9 display the raw elevation profile based on the horizontal location of each designed stations/landmarks. Click on the starting grade construction icon  from the toolbar to place vertical curve construction lines. Please use first station/landmark as the beginning of the vertical curve design and use the last station/landmark as the end of vertical curve design. To construct lines, click and release the left mouse to place a construction point. A blue line will be drawn as the mouse moves over the graph. Construction line will be placed when next construction point is placed . Note: The color of the vertical construction line will change to RED if it exceeds the grade limit as specified in the design setting screen (Figure 2). To end the vertical curve construction, simply double click the left mouse button or use the end icon tool   from the toolbar. A designed construction line example is displayed in Figure 10.


PVI points can be adjusted by clicking on a PVI (point of vertical intersection,) point and drag the mouse to a desired location.


Figure 10 Vertical curve construction lines


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