Horizontal alignment

Use the alignment curve tool   to compute the curve and line tangent points.


To perform horizontal curve alignment, first use the pointer tool from the toolbar to select design segments by clicking on the  icon. Select a circle and two lines with which the software will compute the tangent points. The selected elements will be highlighted as shown in Figure 6.



Figure 6 Select horizontal alignment elements


Secondly, use the “align curve ” tool under the tool menu or use the alignment iconfrom the toolbar after 2 lines and 1 circle are selected/highlighted. Tangent points will then be calculated and selected curve will be translated to conjunct the tangent points as shown in Figure 7. Select the modify end point tool and use right mouse click on a tangent point to delete tangent pair point if necessary. Use the “unselect all” option from the edit menu to unselect all elements or click on the selected item again to unselect the item. And follow the same steps as previously mentioned to complete the 2nd curve tangent points.


Note: Use right mouse clicking on a segment (line or curve) to delete. Associated tangent pair will be removed when removing a curve.


Figure 7 Horizontal curve alignment


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