Import contour map

A contour image will be used as background for laying out horizontal roadway geometry design .


First, go to the roadway geometry design website, , and click on "Click Here to Start Roadway Design" button to begin with horizontal geometry design. Two sample contour maps, Map #1, Map #2 & Map #5, are available for download as part of assignments. Use Import Contour function under the File menu bar to locate the saved image file, and click on Open to load the image file as background. The contour map should look like the picture as shown in Figure 1(a).


Tips: To find out the resolution of an image, right click the image file in Windows file explorer and choose the "Properties". Click the "Summary Tab" and choose advanced button to display the image resolution as shown in Figure 1(b).



Figure 1(a) Import digital contour map


Figure 1(b) Image resolution


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