System Requirements


Mozilla Firefox web browser,, road design software was tested using Firefox ver. 1.5. Or, Safari Ver.2.0,, or later (tested on Mac OS X Ver.10.4.5)


1.  System Requirements

Operating system with Java Plug-in 1.5.0_06 or later,

2. Hardware Requirements

Pentium 133 MHz or faster with 256 MB RAM or higher


3. Additional Software Requirements (You need administration privilege to install the plugin)

Cortona VRML Client is free for personal and non-commercial use. Cortona VRML Client is a fast and highly interactive Web3D viewer that is ideal for viewing 3D models on the Web. A set of optimized 3D renderers guaranties the best visual quality on both PCs with the latest video-cards and those with more basic video card capabilities. Cortonal VRML client (cortvrml.exe) is available for manual download and installation at:



Installation tips can be found at:




VRML Plugin: (

Windows: Cosmo Player, Cortona*, Octaga*, BS Contact*, Flux, blaxxun Contact, Venues, More
Linux: FreeWRL, OpenVRML, Octaga
Macintosh: Cortona, FreeWRL, OpenVRML, Cosmo Player