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Distraction Dodger
Distraction Dodger is an online game designed to help teens and young adults understand the importance of concentrating on driving.More ...

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Gridlock Buster
Gridlock Buster is an online traffic control game based on tools and ideas that actual traffic control engineers use in their everyday work. More ...

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Traffic Control Game
Java-based traffic signal control game is developed to help students better understand different concept of traffic signal control, including delay, queue, signal coordination, fixed time control. Java plug-in is reuqired on your browser.

Route Optimization Game
Based on the origin and destination and initial alignment, students can place linear or curved road segment on the board display to form a roadway along desired path with different objective, for example, to minimize the user cost, construction cost, or both combined. This game is developed based on Glen Koorey's approach "Getting from A to B: Using an Interactive Display to Demonstrate Transportation Planning and Design Issues". Java plug-in is reuqired on your browser.